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Dual personality

Muhammad Tariq Khan

The Writer is journalist and Lecturer at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law.

One of Umer Shareef’s stage dramas became extremely popular in the Indian subcontinent. In one of its episodes, Umer Shareef played a double role. His famous dialogue was, “Dude a weird thing happened yesterday. I was walking out of the house when I saw myself coming in. I came face to face with myself. I slapped myself in the face.” Nowadays, the current political scenario is as same as Umer Shareef’s stage drama, ‘Bakra Qiston Par’. And Prime Minister Imran Khan is playing a double role.

Our Prime Minister himself approved the increase in medicines’ prices, and then he himself removed his minister from the charge of raising the prices. Our skipper himself says there is no sugar crisis, and then he himself investigates and determines those responsible for the sugar crisis.

He himself increases petrol prices, and then takes notice of inflation. He himself imposes lockdowns, and then criticizes this approach. He himself nominates corrupt ministers, and then fires himself over corruption charges. He himself starts probe, then gives positions and ministries to those who are found guilty in the investigation. He himself calls coronavirus just flu, and then says people are not taking coronavirus seriously.

For example, Firdous Ashiq Awan was removed from the Federal Ministry of Information on corruption allegations, but later she had been appointed as the special assistant on Information in Punjab. The government did not take any land or publish any map for the housing scheme, but sold forms to the people. They promised billions of jobs and then made millions of people unemployed.

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) decided to import things from India, so the Prime Minister himself rebuked the Finance Minister for what he himself had suggested.

Now someone has to solve this problem. Which Prime Minister is real, which Prime Minister is fake, which Prime Minister makes decisions and which one rejects? Is it a mental disorder? Does the Prime Minister really have a dual personality? God knows.