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Entrepreneurial mindset at young age

Nadeem Moulvi

The writer is a business analyst.

Things are getting difficult around the world in the years to come. We are not preparing our children for the difficult times ahead, and always provide them with comforts and try to fulfill their all wishes. As a result, the value of things in children seems to be declining. And in their eyes, spending money seems easy, which is a fact.

One can develop a solid entrepreneurial mindset at a young age. People with an entrepreneurial way of thinking see challenges as opportunities and confront them with confidence to innovate and create value in the world. Kids are more capable of learning key skills than adults because they have fewer mental barriers to tear down in order to develop them.  

Entrepreneurship turns children into leaders. It transforms them into employers rather than employees and helps them create successful, independent lives through purposeful enterprise. It gives children viable options to earn a decent living in a crowded, harsh world.

At a young age, parents provide children such comforts, which aren’t useful for them. For example “branded smartphones”. This is one of the major distractions which can badly affect the mental power of a child and cannot develop any entrepreneurial skills.

Financial literacy is something that all children need to have today. Unfortunately, schools often don’t give enough attention to this area in a child’s education. Teach your kids about money from an early age to give them a solid grounding in finance. Educate your children about saving and investing and show them how money can be used.

Help your kids recognize that the world around them is full of business opportunities, and finding them just requires some careful observation, self-drive, and creativity. Educate your children according to their passion. The only person in the world who is successful is the one who is an expert in his field.

In every developed country, including Japan, China and the United States, children are taught skills at early age. When children are allowed to be who they want to be, they blossom. Accept them as they are and let them know how great they’re doing. This will strengthen their self-acceptance and self-worth.

But unfortunately, the majority of the population in Pakistan is doing nothing in this regard.  In our country, many parents force a career path for their children, thereby making them abandon the career they have a natural flair and passion for. Don’t compare your children with others. Let them create something new from their existence.

Give the money you spend on mobile phones and other valuables to the children so that they can work according to their hobbies. Even if they fail, your money will not be wasted, they will learn a lot. Such people succeed who learn from their failures and have the courage to stand on their feet again.