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Economic crisis

Nadeem Moulvi

The writer is a business analyst.

Policymakers, parliamentarians and affluent classes are least bothered about the looming economic disaster in the country. It is the 220 million Pakistani population that is worried about the imminent crisis — a population that is already bearing the brunt of a sharp escalation in the prices of essential items as well as rising utilities’ charges.

Whether talking about economic or political issues, improving industries or reforming educational institutions, it has been debated for the last 70 years how to get rid of these problems. But the fact is that everyone works for their own benefits and interests.

Just like a lawyer creates some justification for the defense of his client, then every person in every field defends his method and calls it the best. Whether it is Pakistan or any other country, to this day it hasn’t eradicated poverty nor religious extremism.

Every human being is living according to the law of the jungle in which the strong crush the weak and no one takes any notice in this regard. This is not because there are more oppressors in the world but in fact, there are fewer oppressors and more people who are afraid of them.

Some are afraid to talk to a politician, while others refrain from speaking out against religious leaders. The fear inside a decent person gives more power to the oppressors. In Pakistan, every other person here is complaining about inflation but no one raises a voice against this injustice.

The contractors of the economy are the political people, who formulate many laws to improve their wealth but seemingly tell the world that we are preparing laws for the people. So-called economist have been talking about GDP for 70 years, but fortunately the GDP growth rate has not exceeded 11% to date.

Every government leaves a legacy of debt for the next government and inflation has been seen rising in every era. The PTI government also made tall claims regarding a ‘change’, but no plan or performance has been seen by the people and no politician has fulfilled his promises.

If you want change, work on human rights and speak up for your rights. Sitting at home and crying over inflation will not affect any politician of this country. Raise your voice against the injustice that is being carried out by the incompetent politician.

China had anticipated inflation at a time when the world was on the verge of recession. At that time, whether it was oil or anything related to the economy, China started buying it in order to control inflation. China’s economy makers make policies for the next 100 years, but we in Pakistan do not have any plans for the next 100 days.

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