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Youngster arrested for ‘DHA Mafia Club’ number plate released on bail

KARACHI: A youngster who was arrested for flaunting the ‘DHA Mafia Club’ number plate on his vehicle has been released.

A video of the black SUV driving in DHA area went viral on social media earlier this month. Police prompted into action and detained the driver and security personnel carrying automatic guns.

Police had claimed the security guards could not provide licenses for their advanced weapons and were locked up. Police said they were harassing people on the roads and flaunted a nameplate reading ‘DHA Mafia Club’ instead of the number plate.

Five people were arrested while the vehicle has been confiscated after initial investigation. However the suspect Waqar, who had challenged police to arrest him, has been released on bail on the excuse of being unwell. The security guards and their weapons are still under custody.

Waqar Hussain is a student of LLB and a worker of a political party. He told police in his statement that he formed the ‘DHA Mafia Club’ along with twenty friends and has members who are the sons of influential personalities driving flashy vehicles. The DHA Mafia Club has no office and only runs a Facebook page which has now being shut down immediately after his arrest.

Police investigating officer Naveed Jumani said the group used to gather in Clifton or DHA with vehicles after telephone contact. He said the suspects were sent to jail but Waqar has now been released on bail while the security guards are still in prison.

He said vehicle without number plate is still at the Clifton police station. The licenses of the rifles recovered from the guards have not been presented to the police yet and the suspects were denied bail.