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Youngster arrested for ‘DHA Mafia Club’ number plate released on bail

KARACHI: A youngster who was arrested for flaunting the ‘DHA Mafia Club’ number plate on his vehicle has been released. A video of the black SUV driving in DHA area went viral on social media earlier this month. Police prompted

Three criminals arrested for robbing people outside banks

KARACHI: Police have arrested a three-member gang involved in looting people withdrawing people from banks. The criminals were arrested in Samanabad area and were involved in a recent robbery in Mobina Town. Police have recovered the looted amount, a stolen

Jamshoro police disclose arrest of 4 criminals after demanding bribes

HYDERABAD: Jamshoro police have revealed the arrest of four notorious criminals who were nabbed during a police encounter several days ago. According to details, police disclosed the arrest after demanding a hefty bribe from the suspect’s family and close aides