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Woman arrested for ‘torturing’ 70-year-old mother-in-law

KARACHI: Police has arrested a daughter-in-law after she tortured her elderly mother-in-law.

According to police, a woman named Afshan who lives in the Clifton area was arrested on charges of torturing a 70-year-old elderly mother-in-law. A case against the accused was registered against her husband and the victim’s son.

Afshan’s husband told police that he was accompanied by his 70-year-old mother. Whenever he returned home, he would see bruises on his mother’s body and ask his wife, upon being asked, she would tell that her mother-in-law fell on the ground.

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The husband added that one day his housemaid told him that his wife was abusing his mother. He was informed that at her wife’s mother’s order, Afshan was trying to kill his mother with a knife but the maid stopped her. Accused Afshan’s husband said that the maid had secretly made a video of violence of her wife against his mother.