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Will provide all resources to ensure security situation in tribal areas: Rasheed

PESHAWAR: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has said all necessary resources would be provided to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to ensure security situation in tribal districts.

The Interior Minister paid a visit to Peshawar to review the overall law and order situation in the province and merged tribal districts.

While chairing a high-level meeting he expressed satisfaction on law and order situation in the province including merged tribal districts.

Chief Minister KP Mahmood Khan, Chief Secretary KP, Dr Kazim Niaz, IGP Dr Sanaullah Abbasi, Secretary Interior and other senior officials attended the meeting.

“We have made great sacrifices to achieve peace and order Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said no enemy will be allowed to disturb law and order in the country”.

Hailing sacrifices of the local populace for peace and their earnest support to Armed Forces in the war against terrorism, the minister said that ongoing consolidation efforts shall take the hard-earned gains towards enduring peace and stability.

Different suggestions for maintaining law and order in KP including merged areas and bringing further improvement in it came under consideration.

 Rasheed was given a detailed update on the security situation, border management including fencing, capacity enhancement of Frontier Corps (FC) and police in newly merged tribal districts as a result of the transition to stability.