Video of policemen beating Muslims in India’s Assam goes viral

A harrowing video went viral on social media, where Indian police officers can be seen beating Muslims in Assam (The Siasat Daily)

A video of Indian policemen brutally beating citizens of Assam state has been surfacing on social media.

In the video, several Assam cops can be seen in anti-riot gear, mercilessly thrashing a man with sticks even as he lay motionless on the ground. The viral video showed armed policemen firing blindly at unseen targets behind a mass of trees. 

A man carrying a camera can be seen angrily stomping the man’s face as he lays on the ground. Another police officer then jumps in and hits the man on the face with a stick before the others beckon him to leave.

The police brutality video has emerged from an eviction drive in the Sipajhar area of Darrang district of Assam. Policemen opened fire at a man and thrashed him. A photographer named Bijay Shankar Baniya, is also seen assaulting the man, who appears to have a bullet wound in his chest.

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Indian authorities have forcefully evicted 5,000 people, including women, children and elderly, in Assam state in a crackdown against Muslims residents in the area.

In 2019, Assam published a list of people considered to be citizens, rendering some 1.9 million excluded people virtually stateless. A day ago, authorities evicted 800 Muslim families claiming they had occupied the land, forcing them to live under the open sky.

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