Video of policemen beating Muslims in India’s Assam goes viral

A video of Indian policemen brutally beating citizens of Assam state has been surfacing on social media. In the video, several Assam cops can be seen in anti-riot gear, mercilessly thrashing a man with sticks even as he lay motionless

Why are Indian Muslims being forcefully evicted in Assam?

Indian authorities have forcefully evicted 5,000 people, including women, children and elderly, in Assam state in a crackdown against Muslims residents in the area. In 2019, Assam published a list of people considered to be citizens, rendering some 1.9 million

UN urges India not to make citizens stateless in Assam

NEW YORK: The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi has demanded the Indian government cease from abolishing the citizenship of any person from the Indian state of Assam. Felipe Grandi urged India to ensure no one ends up stateless,

Muslims’ ethnic cleansing in India is alarming across world: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran on Saturday said that reports of ethnic cleansing of Muslims by the Indian government should send alarm bells ringing across the world. In a post on Twitter, the prime minister said, “Reports in Indian and international

India strips 1.9mn illegal Muslim immigrants of Assam

NEW DELHI: The government of Assam has weed out illegal immigrants, which stripped about 1.9 million people from their citizenship, most of them are expected to be Muslim. According to a statement from the Assam government, a total of 31.1