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Video of bride celebrating nikkah in mosque sparks outrage

Social media users have demanded that a case be registered against those who violated the sanctity of the mosque. (Photo: Twitter)

A video of a groom and bride in a mosque of Karachi along with other women celebrating their nikkah ceremony has gone viral, raising outrageous concerns of female presence in a mosque.

According to the details, a mixed gathering was witnessed in a nikkah that was held at Defence phase 8’s ‘Sakina Mosque’. Not only the bride was present herself there along with friends and family members but also after the nikkah celebration, a birthday cake was also cut in the boundaries of the mosque.

The women who attended the ceremony were seen in glamourous dresses without any scarf covering their heads. Now upset social media users believe that the Sakina Mosque was dishonored. One of the netizens wrote that a case should be registered against those who violated the sanctity of a place where people pray.

Another user believed that the married couple has a strong influential background.  This is not the first time when someone had violated and made videos in a mosque.

Earlier, Saba Qamar and Saeed danced in Wazir Khan Mosque shot a music video in a mosque in which both dance and sang in the sacred place, and later a case was filed against both celebrities.



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