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Four times spiritual healer Mala Ali Kurdistani’s acts proved he is a scam

Mala Ali Kurdistani is termed as a faith healer (Twitter)

So-called spiritual healers like Mala Ali Kurdistani can earn easily in countries like Pakistan where the faith of people is weak.

The spiritual healer who arrived in Pakistan on 1st November has been making rounds on social media because of his unusual method of treating dumb and deaf after which they start to speak and hear.

Even politicians like National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser and Firdous Ashiq Awan were seen being impressed by the spiritual healer. Here are a few incidents listed which prove Mala Ali Kurdistani is nothing but a con.

Made a lady to swallow tissue to stay fit

Earlier this year, Mala Ali Kurdistani, who is a Iraqi told an obese woman to eat nothing but tissue paper in order to acquire an ideal weight. Women who obeyed the spiritual healer ended up being in a hospital in a deteriorated condition. When the doctors washed her stomach, up to 20 tissues were recovered.

When the hospital staff inquired the healer, he denied the allegations and victim-blamed the woman that it was she who did not follow the proper instructions of eating tissue and ended up being in a hospital.

Mala and his fraud campaigns

Born and brought up in Iraq, Mala Ali Kurdistani was a cleaner at an Iraqi mosque where he was fired for not doing his work efficiently. Now he owns a franchise of his healing work.

With aim of expanding his spiritual healing business, he started his work in Turkey and Saudia Arabia from where he was deported, and in Turkey, he was even arrested on charges of fraud and scam.

Claim of treating medical patients

Kurdistani in a live TV show once claimed that he can identify a disease only by looking at the X-ray of a patient. To which the doctor who was present in that show handed him an X-ray and asked him to identify the cause of the disease.

The alleged spiritual healer did look at the X-ray, however, he failed to identify what was wrong with the patient whose X-ray he was probing. The doctor then told him what the actual cause was.

Violent behaviour with patients

A family who came for treatment complained after watching how he treats. A hidden video showed how an assistant of Ali Kurdistani was beating that family’s patient’s legs with sticks. 

An Iraqi by origin, the controversial preacher has been gaining a great influence among the people of Pakistan as many are bringing their children and family members to him for treatment. 

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