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Rani Mukerji shares how Kamal Haasan helped in overcoming her ‘height and voice’ insecurity

Rani Mukerji said before entering Bollywood, she thought she would never fit into the heroine category' (Online)

Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji recently revealed that how legendary star Kamal Haasan helped the actress in overcoming her insecurity about her height and voice.

In the latest interview, Rani Mukerji said before entering Bollywood, she thought she would ‘never fit into the heroine category’. The actress whose movie ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’ hit the cinemas today opened up about her journey from not wanting to be an actor initially and to how actor Kamal Haasan helped her to break ‘stereotypical conventions’ in Bollywood. 

Mukherji said that she was once insecure about entering the film industry as she thought that she was quite short and her voice was not heroine-friendly. “Strangely, I never wanted to be an actor. My mother realised my dream before I could. She was the one who insisted I do my first film. But I never thought I fit into the heroine category in the typical sense,” she asserted.

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“I am actually the opposite of a heroine. I am quite short in height, my voice is not heroine-friendly, the complexion of my skin is wheatish. I think when I started, I never believed I could be an actor,” she maintained.

She continued that when her journey as an actress  began, it was Kamal Haasan who told her, “You can’t measure your success by the height of your physical standing, but by the heights of how much you can grow professionally,” said Rani by adding, “So I sort of broke all those stereotypical conventions that an actress was put into in my initial days of Bollywood journey.”

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