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Unboxing Amazon parcels is a big business in Pakistan

Have you been wondered what happens to undelivered Amazon packages and DHL packages?

Millions of parcels are dispatched from around the world but many of them are undelivered due to missing information or the receiver refuses to collect them due to excessive costs.

These items are then auctioned. This is a business on its own. Amazon has a huge warehouse in Singapore where these undelivered packages are stored and ultimately auctioned in kilograms.

Many businessmen, including from Pakistan, buy these undelivered packages and then bring them home where they are ‘unboxed’ and then packed into cartons and sold to the public.

This is hit-or-miss as you are unaware of what’s in the package. Mostly the buyers benefit as the boxes are auctioned at low costs.

For example, a box was opened in Pakistan which weighed 31 kg and bought for Rs70,000 to 75,000 but when it was opened, there was only one humidifier inside.

Another item was worth only Rs6-7,000 rupees while there was a professional camera tripod in the box. Each item weighed about 500 grams and their prices ranged from one thousand to Rs3,500. However, every box is not the same. A paper cutter was also recovered which cost about Rs12,000.

So you can also start this business by unboxing Amazon packages. A box usually weighs 25 to 30 kg.

Just look at a box and view the stock. Each item has a unique LPN number. Just scan these numbers on Amazon’s website and you will know the product.

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