UN chief and Kashmir dispute

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has patently said that the human rights in illegally annexed Kashmir should be respected. In his ongoing visit to Pakistan, the UN chief showed deep concerns over the unpleasant issues in occupied Kashmir and constant ceasefire violation along Line of Control. 
Guterres stressed the importance of exercising maximum restraint and advised both countries to resolve outstanding issues through dialogue which India doesn’t want to do. However, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi reiterated his appreciable commitment to support Kashmiri siblings until the end.
The valiant people of Kashmir are struggling for their self-determination and freedom for the past 72 years and are constantly facing brutalities and atrocities of the occupying Indian forces. Despite the approval of resolutions in the imperceptive United Nations, there is no lasting solution that seems to resolve the Kashmir dispute.
India personally took the Kashmir dispute to United Nations and despite following the appropriate guidelines of the UN General Assembly and Security Council for recognising the rights of Kashmiris to self-determination, India amended its constitution in August last year to illegally annexed Kashmir as its state.
Since the illegitimate elimination of the special status of Kashmir, the helpless people of the region have been locked up in their own homes to date. The depressed people of Kashmir are virtually cut off from the world and the system in the restive valley has been paralyzed. However, India is firmed on his baseless statements and constantly increasing atrocities on the people. Furthermore, India is also creating unnecessary tensions along the Line of Control as dozens of civilians have been martyred, several others sustained injuries, and numerous houses destroyed. Last year, Pakistan showed the ceasefire violations along border regions as evidence to different diplomat but India rather than refraining from its violent tactics stood firm in its brutal approach.
Kashmiris should be commended as they have not accepted the illegal annexation of India. It is the determination of the valiant Kashmiris that has kept this issue alive till now. The eyes of the world and the people of Kashmir are turned to the UN because it is their foremost responsibility to resolve the Kashmir issue as soon as possible and in a peaceful manner.
The United States, Turkey, Malaysia, and other civilised countries have acknowledged about the violation of human rights in annexed Kashmir and the United Nations can’t be absolved from this longstanding issue by merely teaching respect for humanity. Herewith only statements of UN Chief aren’t acceptable as uncompromising measures should be taken for the resolution of Kashmir dispute.
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