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US unfreezes $60 million aid to Afghanistan

Alice Wells
WASHINGTON: Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia, Alice Wells has said that the United States’ government released $60 million in previously-frozen aid to Afghanistan after Afghan’s government progress in countering corruption.
She said when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo outlined areas of shortcoming; it reflected their concern about what continues to be endemic corruption in Afghanistan.
Alice Wells said that she was pleased that in one area that the Secretary underscored, US did see progress by the Government of Afghanistan, and $60 million in assistance was able to move forward, she added.
Wells confirmed that the funding was put on hold due to concerns over the Afghan government’s transparency in accounting and managing finances.
Earlier in September 2019, the State Department said it froze $60 million in aid to Afghanistan and canceled another $100 million due to concerns over government corruption and lack of financial transparency.
The announcement came about a week ahead of Afghanistan’s September 28 presidential election.
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