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‘Troika Plus’ to discuss Afghan crisis today in Moscow

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ISLAMABAD: Senior officials from Pakistan, Russia and China will meet in Doha on August 11 as part of efforts to prevent Afghanistan from slipping into another civil war.

The delegation including Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Muhammad Sadiq has reached Russia. China and United States have also been invited to a meeting with Troika Plus to discuss the issue of Afghanistan’s changing situation.

Moreover, a meeting of the Moscow Format Dialogue Forum will be held on Wednesday, in which other countries of the region besides Pakistan will participate. According to sources the agendas to be discussed in the meeting today are going to be based on the establishment of a broad-based government in Afghanistan and aid to the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Though, a delegation led by Afghanistan’s Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salam Hanafi will attend the Moscow format talks. These are the first talks on Afghanistan in Moscow since the Taliban government was formed Afghanistan in August.

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Meanwhile, Since US President Joe Biden announced an exit plan for the American forces in mid-April, Afghanistan has been witnessing a chaotic situation and after the complete withdrawal of forces on 15 august 2021, the Taliban took over the government but they are yet to be recognized on an international level. 

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