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The Kashmir issue

Dr. Jamil Ahmed Khan

The writer is a former ambassador, senior analyst and international affairs expert.

India’s oppression and barbarism against Kashmiris have been going on for the last 70 years, the dark night of carnage is not coming to an end, but oppression is on the rise. Institutions, which claim to be the protestors of human rights, are watching the heartbreaking rape incidents of Kashmiri daughters.

India has been involved in the spate of extrajudicial killings of Kashmiris for a long period. In the last 20 years, more than 100,000 people have been killed in illegal detention and around 9,000 innocent Kashmiris have been handcuffed and killed. The number of widows is 30,000 while 1.5 million children have been orphaned.

Pakistan has informed the United Nations through a 131-page dossier and sent a message to ambassadors and missions around the world in this regard. But the boldness on the part of India shows the support of the United States behind the atrocities in Kashmir. Because the US has ignored the barbarism for its own interests in order to make India a rival to China.

It is true that the damage to Kashmir could destabilize Pakistan. Our embassies and missions in other countries should be instructed to aware the world regarding the dossier and Indian atrocities in educational institutions and events of the respective countries. So that public opinion in favor of Kashmiris can be smoothened.

In its dossier, Pakistan has included most of the points and evidence which the Human Rights Commissioner has already mentioned in great detail. The human rights commissioner’s report also found evidence of other crimes, including murder, rape, imprisonment, use of pellet guns and imprisonment of children.

By effectively presenting the case of Kashmir in public courts at the international level, the people of these countries can force their governments to take notice of Kashmir so that the United Nations can play its effective role in the deteriorating situation of Kashmir.

The European Union is very serious and sensitive about human rights, but due to economic relations with India and the influence of the United States, the EU also mentions the atrocities in Kashmir in a subdued manner. However, if the people of Europe and other countries join hands, the pressure on the United Nations and India regarding Kashmir can be increased.

To weaken the independence movement, on August 5, 2019, India repealed Article 370 of the Constitution of India and divided the state into two Union Territories. The country wrote off the disputed area as its own, but since then the independence movement has intensified.

Due to this strong reaction of the people, India has imposed strict curfew in the entire valley. India’s illegal action has intensified border disputes between China-India and India-Pakistan. The current situation is that Pakistan is mired in political, diplomatic, economic and global problems.

To deal with this, Pakistan needs to take a strong stand because if Pakistan fails to do so, the Kashmiris will be discouraged and their hopes will be shattered which Pakistan can never afford.

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