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Dr. Jamil Ahmed Khan

Dr. Jamil Ahmed Khan

The writer is a former ambassador, senior analyst and international affairs expert.

Effects of NZ cancellation

There is no denying that Pakistan has a cricket craze. After religion and our national language, cricket is the third most important thing that unites our nation. Men, women, children, and people of all ages love cricket. When the national

Indian aggression and United Nations

On September 12, Pakistan released a 131-page dossier to the United Nations against India, claiming almost all the evidence that could lead India to a war crime and the Indian forces’ human rights violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and

Big challenges for Taliban government

The Taliban’s struggle over the past 20 years bodes well for the success and on the other hand, this success presents a huge challenge to the Taliban, which is now the regime. The Taliban will have to take steps to

Afghanistan’s changing situation

The United Nations has been hesitant about the Taliban since taking power in Afghanistan. The world is still having a hard time understanding whether the Afghan Taliban are the same as they were in 1996 to 2001. The whole world

Deteriorating situation in Afghanistan

The rapidly changing situation in Afghanistan indicates that there will be more complications in the coming days, while its aftermath on Pakistan is a natural process of regional and international politics. The recent meetings of the Afghan Taliban with several

Consequences of Turkey’s haste

Amid the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Turkey probably did not expect that the Taliban taking control of Kabul Airport would refuse its involvement. The Taliban has warned Turkey against extending its troops presence in Afghanistan, insisting the decision

Tough times ahead

Pakistan is in a tough situation. The rapidly changing geo-political scenario in the region and the imminent outbreak of a civil war in Afghanistan coupled with Modi’s continuous insinuations and diatribe against Pakistan shows the increasing use of the fifth-generation

Taliban and regional situation

Afghanistan has a strategic role in regional and global affairs which is why many countries especially the United States would retain their interests despite the withdrawal of troops. The landscape in the war-ravaged nation is gradually shifting as the Taliban

Greater Israel near completion

When we speak about the Palestine dispute, we are often overwhelmed with the mention of Masjid Al-Aqsa. Despite the myriad of differences, all Muslims and not just Palestinians have an emotional attachment to the holy place which has been epicentre

Effects of US pullout

With the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, a civil war is imminent and the war-ravaged country’s problems will worsen. Pakistan has been constantly warning about the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan as it will be the worst affected from the

Coronavirus and preparations

The recent outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has affected economies around the world severely. The virus has claimed more than 4,000 precious lives globally which sounds devastating. Cases have now been reported in almost 100 countries with more than 118,000