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The debate on PM’s Corona Relief Tiger Force

Yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan in a televised address to the nation formally announced the ‘Corona Relief Tiger Force’ in a bid to assists the government in its coronavirus response.
PM Imran further explained that the Tiger Force will distribute food and other necessities among the downtrodden people. The youth force will also offer guidance to the people of Pakistan about symptoms of the virus and instruct them about quarantining and self-isolation.
In a tweet by Ministry of Youth Affairs, the registration portal for the ‘Corona Relief Tiger Force’ will be launched tonight (31st March) and will continue till April 10.
Let’s take an in-depth review that whether the youth force would be beneficial or not?
Imran Khan and Youth Population
According to a report of United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) 2018, 64 percent of the nation is younger than 30. UNDP has also asserted that the youth population will further increase until at least 2050.
Prime Minister Imran Khan in his election campaign always mentioned the promotion of youth people. In this regard, many supportive programmes were launched by the PTI-led federal government to assist the youth population.
PM Imran is still popular among half of the youth population and the commitment of the youth force can easily be fulfilled.
Real problems
It was a great idea to include the youth population and providing platforms to them. However, the real problems that are arising in the ongoing coronavirus situation are different.
The number of coronavirus cases across the country is constantly rising amid lockdown in all the provinces and territories. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan is not in favour of the lockdown. In the ongoing situation, the federal and the provincial governments are not on the same page and criticism has reached its peak.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has also mentioned that Pakistan does not possess too many resources like other countries. Food shortages were being reported at the quarantine centres across Sindh. Inflation in the federal capital – Islamabad – continues to rise. The government is also not implementing the aggressive testing approach.
Opposition Reaction
Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Ahsan Iqbal while criticizing the tiger force said that Prime Minister is still unaware how to tackle the coronavirus situation like he was two months ago. He further said that PM Imran did nothing but help the poor through charities.
Former Railways Minister Saad Rafique has advised Prime Minister Imran Khan to don’t waste public resources and time on tiger force.
Tiger Force – Right or Wrong?
Pakistan – as a developing country – is in a critical situation of the coronavirus pandemic. With shortage of food, ventilators’, testing kits and other necessities Pakistan has to overcome all the difficulties and to provide relief to the people and the virus patients.
In this situation, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision of Tiger Force can be useful to help the needy people amid lockdown. However, the rising cases of coronavirus can’t be stopped until aggressive testing and proper medical approach.
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