Tayyaba torture case: SC reduces judge, his wife sentence

The Supreme Court of Pakistan issued its written verdict. Source: FILE.
ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Friday has declared its reserved verdict on appeals lodged in the Tayyaba torture case by former district judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan and his wife Maheen Zafar.
Justice Ijazul Ahsan of the apex court read out the decision, overturning the ruling of the Islamabad High Court (IHC), which had raised the prison sentence of both convicts from one year to three years with a fine of Rs500,000.

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Supreme court affirmed the verdict of the trial court that the judge and his wife were sentenced to one year in jail for keeping Tayyaba, a ten-year-old girl, in unlawful confinement burning her head, hitting her with a spoon, and imprisoning her in a storeroom.
In the meantime, while exercising special powers pursuant to Article 187, the SC issued a notice of appeal to convicts by the government seeking to enhance their prison sentence, the appeals of both convicts pending disposal pursuant to Section 328-A.

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The top court ordered the administration of Adiala Jail to inform both prisoners of the notice. The court registrar was ordered to settle the hearing appeal. Both convicts had made an appeal against the verdict of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) after increasing their jail time from one year to three years, with a fine of Rs500,000.
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