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Dollar reaches new all-time high at Rs169.6

KARACHI: Pakistani rupee lost further ground on Wednesday and fell to Rs169.63 in intra-day trading in the inter-bank market. The decline comes a day after the local currency closed at an all-time low value of Rs168.94, according to the State

Rupee appreciates as US dollar trades at Rs158.30

KARACHI: Pakistani Rupee continued to gain value against US Dollar in the interbank market, adding another 19 paisas on Thursday. The currency reached its day’s high of Rs158.47 against the greenback and slipped to Rs158.20 in interbank trading. The currency

Pakistani rupee among Asia’s top three best performing currencies

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani rupee has become Asia’s third best performing currency after reaching six and a half month high of 158.9 against the US dollar. The rupee closed at 159.09 in the inter-bank market, appreciating 18 paisas against the dollar during

US Dollar declines by Rs1.15 against rupee in Interbank

KARACHI: The United States dollar has dropped Rs1.15 in the interbank market and settled at Rs159. According to Forex dealers, on the first day of the business week today, the dollar fell by Rs1.17 in the interbank market and the

US dollar continues to rise, reaches Rs.161 against rupee

KARACHI: The United States Dollar has climbed against the Pakistani rupee at the interbank by 1.03 rupees on Tuesday. The US Dollar is being traded in the interbank market at around 161.50 rupees. The Pakistani Rupee earlier on Monday weakened

US dollar continues to rise, hits 8-month high

KARACHI: United States dollar continues to rise again and has hit its all-time high in last eight months today (Thursday) in inter-bank market. The US dollar increased against the Pakistani Rupees for a third-straight day. This represents an increase of

Govt raises Rs 239bn through Treasury Bills

KARACHI: The government has raised less than half of its target through the Market Treasury Bills auction on Wednesday. The State Bank of Pakistan reported the government raised Rs239.7 billion through T-bills, as against the target of Rs500bn. For the

US dollar declines slightly against Pakistani rupee

KARACHI: The US dollar declined by 3 paisa against the Pakistan rupee in the interbank market today on Friday. The greenback recorded a 3 paisa reduction in it’s worth against the Pakistani rupee, falling from the prior value of Rs

Chinese yuan jumps two-month high on trade progress

BEIJING: Chinese Yuan soars to a two-month high against the dollar, sources said on Monday. The signs of progress are boosted in Sino-US trade negotiations and the hopes to end the long trade war are also raised. The president of