Boris Johnson

UK’s Boris Johnson wins confidence vote

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson survived a confidence vote on Monday but a rebellion by 148 of his 359 Conservative Party lawmakers dealt a serious blow to his authority. A majority of the Conservatives’ lawmakers — at least 180 —

British PM Boris Johnson meets Ukraine’s Zelenskiy in Kyiv

KYIV: President Volodymyr Zelenskiy met Prime Minister Boris Johnson, one of his staunchest backers, in Kyiv with the British leader using the visit to set out a new financial and military aid package for Ukraine. Johnson is the latest foreign

British PM Johnson faces calls to resign after attending lockdown party

LONDON: Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologised for attending a gathering at his official residence during Britain’s first coronavirus lockdown, as a senior figure in his party and opponents said he should resign. Johnson admitted for the first time that he

Boris Johnson accused of breaking lockdown with garden party

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced a wave of public and political outrage on Tuesday over allegations that he and his staff flouted coronavirus lockdown rules by holding a garden party in 2020 while Britons were barred by law

British PM Johnson and wife expecting second child

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie are expecting a second baby. Their first child, Wilfred, was born in April last year. Carrie Johnson announced her pregnancy in a post on Instagram in which she also revealed

UK PM Johnson marries fiancée in secret ceremony

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has married his fiancee Carrie Symonds in a secret ceremony at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday, local newspapers reported. Both newspapers – the Sun and Mail on Sunday – said guests were invited at the

British PM Boris Johnson to marry fiancée next year

LONDON: Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his fiancee Carrie Symonds have sent wedding invitations to family and friends for July 30, 2022. According to a British daily, the details of the couple’s wedding destination remain a closely guarded secret.

British MPs write to Boris Johnson over Pakistan ‘Red List’ travel ban

LONDON: Around 50 British parliamentarians have signed a letter addressed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to urgently answer why Pakistan and Bangladesh have been added to the “Red List” countries. The letter has been written by Yasmin Qureshi, a British-Pakistani

G7 leaders increase contribution to COVAX facility

LONDON: The Group of Seven leaders, who control a little under half of the world’s economy, have doubled their contribution and pledged billions of dollars to the UN-backed COVAX facility. “We will intensify cooperation on the health response to COVID-19,”

New coronavirus variant could cause more deaths: British PM

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that a new English variant of COVID-19 could cause more deaths. Boris Johnson said that the impact of the new variant, which is already known to be more transmissible, was putting the

Boris Johnson orders new lockdown for England as cases surge

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered a new national lockdown in England to slow a surge in COVID-19 cases that threatens to overwhelm parts of the health system before a vaccine programme reaches a critical mass. Johnson said

Boris Johnson’s father seeks French citizenship

PARIS: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s father Stanley confirmed plans to seek French citizenship on the day the United Kingdom broke up with the European Union under the Brexit pact delivered by his son. If his application is accepted, he

Brexit becomes reality as UK quits EU single market

LONDON: Britain has finally severed its turbulent half-century partnership with Europe, quitting the EU single market and customs union four-and-a-half years after its shock vote to leave the economic bloc. Brexit became a reality as Big Ben struck 11:00 pm

EU and Britain clinch narrow post-Brexit trade deal

LONDON: Britain and the European Union struck a trade deal after ten months of intense negotiation allowing them to soften the economic shock of Brexit, just seven days before it exits one of the world’s biggest trading blocs. When the

Britain to ban new petrol cars and vans by 2030

LONDON: Britain will move up a ban on new petrol and diesel cars and vans to 2030 and is eyeing 250,000 new jobs as part of a green industrial revolution. Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement to meet Britain’s

British PM Johnson self-isolating after COVID-19 contact

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is self-isolating after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Johnson, who was admitted to intensive care in a London hospital earlier this year with the novel coronavirus, is well and

Britain’s anti-racism protests ‘hijacked by extremists’: UK PM

LONDON: Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a wave of anti-racism protests across Britain had been “hijacked by extremists” amid rising fears about clashes and vandalism. Several statues have been boarded up as a precaution, including one of former prime minister

British PM Johnson offers visas for millions in Hong Kong

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has offered visas to millions of Hong Kong residents and a possible route to citizenship if China persists with its national security law. “Many people in Hong Kong fear their way of life —

Coronavirus vaccine ‘might not come to fruition’: British PM

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said there might never be a vaccine for COVID-19 despite the huge global effort to develop one. Johnson, who was hospitalised last month after contracting the new coronavirus, speculated that a vaccine may

British PM unveils ‘conditional plan’ to reopen society

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced to ease lockdown allowing people to spend more time outdoors from Wednesday and return to work. “From this Wednesday we want to encourage people to take more and even unlimited amounts of

Boris Johnson declares UK ‘past the peak’ of COVID-19 outbreak

LONDON: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the United Kingdom is ‘past the peak’ of its coronavirus outbreak. Boris Johnson said, “For the first time, we are past the peak of this disease and we are on the downward

British PM Boris Johnson announces birth of son

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his fiancee Carrie Symonds have been blessed with a son. The announcement was made by the couple. According to the Prime Minister’s spokesperson, both mother and baby are doing very well. The 55-year-old

British PM returns back to work after recovering from virus

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson returns to work on Monday more than three weeks after being hospitalised for the coronavirus and spending three days in intensive care. Johnson, one of the highest-profile people to have contracted the virus, returned

British PM Johnson enters third day in intensive care

LONDON: Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson began a third day in intensive care on Wednesday battling the coronavirus that has struck at the heart of the British government. “I understand the prime minister is in a stable condition, he’s comfortable

British PM hospitalised after persistent coronavirus symptoms

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalised on Monday undergoing tests after suffering persistent symptoms of coronavirus for ten days but remains in charge of the government. The Conservative leader announced on March 27 that he had tested positive

Goodbye, Europe

After almost half a century, the United Kingdom is finally out of the European Union. The Union Jack has been removed from the regional bloc’s headquarters in Brussels. Now Britain has embarked on an uncertain future outside Europe. Britain became

Brexit confirmed

After nearly three years of political divisions and bitter disputes, which saw two prime ministers being pushed from office and a divisive general election last month, the UK is finally expected to quit the European Union on January 31. UK

British elections

The UK is holding snap elections that could pave the way for Brexit under Prime Minister Boris Johnson or propel Britain towards another referendum that could reverse the decision to leave the European Union. The elections – the third in

London Bridge attacker was convicted of terrorism offences

LONDON: A man suspected of stabbing two people to death in a terror attack on London Bridge was an ex-prisoner convicted of terrorism offences and released last year, police said Saturday. The knifeman, wearing a suspected hoax explosive device, was

Johnson compares Corbyn to Stalin at campaign launch

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed on Wednesday to get Brexit done by January and compared his Labour Party rival Jeremy Corbyn to Joseph Stalin in a strident launch to a tough pre-Christmas election campaign. The splintered country is