Riyatullah Farooqui

Riyatullah Farooqui

The writer is a senior journalist.

Is democratic space shrinking?

I don’t always understand Patwaris; even their intelligentsia frequently exhibits hypocrisy to the point that it is mind-boggling. Since Shahbaz Sharif took office, the PTI leader has prevented the nation from being at peace. Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah initially sought

Is General Asim Munir ready?

Some people do not understand the seriousness of the matter. They feel that the May 9 incident is just a bitter incident in the political process. It will be bitter for a few days and then everything will be back

Old age wisdom

When a person crosses the age limit of forty, the third and last major change in personality takes place. The stage of the first big change is the form of puberty and the second big change is the age of

His mother-in-law is not fan of accused

When he came to power, he sold second-hand vehicles and buffaloes in order to make people believe that he was different from others. His period of power reached the mid-term, so he proved that he was really different from the

Difference of hammers

There was a time when Imran Khan used to do politics. This period is from 1995 to 2010. During this period, he also held public meetings of the corner meeting type, press conferences, rallies, and newspaper speeches. Although the army

Censorship and double standards

Let’s discuss a concrete issue that is not one-sided but rather two-sided, and that does not focus solely on one aspect of the picture, but also considers the other side, which sheds light on the realism of our so-called liberal

God didn’t approve

Fate or luck is the divine distribution that Allah, the Almighty has given to his servants. But it is not so that the servant sits, doing nothing and his share of the distribution reaches him. Every hard work has a

Changing attitudes in times of hardship

Every moment spent on man is teaching him something or the other. Those who are wise learn from these moments, while others attribute the consequences of their mistakes to fate and repeat them with the thought that “luck is still

Fasting villain

Charity is the third major act of worship in Ramadan after fasting and recitation of Holy Quran. It is quite sad that we lose the smile that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) described as a gesture of generosity throughout this

Goodbye to Dollar

I listened to Tucker Carlson on Fox News either two or four days ago. He expressed concern over the rapid and extensive process of various countries getting rid of the dollar. He mentioned that even Pakistan and France are involved

A timely marriage

One of the most discussed domestic issues in our country is that at what age should marriage take place and the other is how many children are enough? Like others, we also got to hear and read a lot about

A timely marriage

One of the most discussed domestic issues in our country is that at what age should marriage take place and the other is how many children are enough? Like others, we also got to hear and read a lot about

The funeral of superpower

The failed Arab Spring organized by the former American President Barack Obama and the American establishment received a big blow when Donald Trump came to power in the United States. According to the Obama plan, the next map of the

Amount of food

Someone once asked me if there is any part of Muslim society that has not fallen. My reply was that the Muslim table is the only place that has not fallen. The month of Ramadan is the month when the

And now Moscow surprise

We had written one thing many times in our columns before 2021. That is, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan will apparently be a result of the Doha agreement for which ts local pawns will try to give the impression that

American house and the giant China

Three days ago, a piece of news broke from Beijing that created a big upheaval in world politics. And the shock was such that the East was surprised by it, while the situation in the West was such that the

Culture, politics and western oppression

The strategically important city of Ukraine, Bakhmut, is about to get out of their hands. The idea was to wait for this to happen and write a detailed column on the war in Ukraine in two or three parts covering

Reasons behind economic turmoil

Pakistan is facing the biggest economic crisis in its history. It all started when someone who was recruited to dig trenches went to a seminar on economic affairs in 2017 and said, “If the country’s economy is not bad, it

What is behind the curtains?

After doing one after another blunder, PTI chief Imran Khan’s love of blundering is not ending. So much so that he must also understand that their every blow is not only going empty but on the contrary, is causing political

A superstitious religious mind

We religious people are superstitious. If we look at the early seeds of Darul Uloom Deoband, we see great personalities like Sheikh Ul Hind, Hazrat Thanvi, Hazrat Kashmiri, Hazrat Madani, Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi, Mufti Kifayatullah, Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani, Maulana

Think a bit!

There is no doubt that the development of knowledge and consciousness leads to social development, which in simple words is called evolution. Therefore, as far back as human life is observed, it is seen that strange periods of society are

Opening ceremony

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan has announced ‘Jail Bharoo’ movement. The funny aspect of this announcement is that it is from the same Imran Khan who migrated to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa fearing arrest last year and who still have dozens of

Economy, God and Data Sahib

The country continues to suffer from the economic crisis. At the end of September last year, Ishaq Dar, after taking charge of the Finance Ministry, had claimed that he would bring the dollar below 200 rupees. Then the dollar was

A lost horse

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief, who is fond of the politics of resigning from the assemblies or dissolving them, had to face a big embarrassment at the front of the National Assembly. Just when the MQM-P was practicing its traditional blackmailing

The politics of settling kids

There have been two reasons for strong criticism of PTI for the last eight years. First, the party remained a puppet of the establishment. And secondly, from the head of the party to the worker, everyone has a very bad

When will this circus end?

A strange government has been imposed on Pakistan. If there is any difference between it and the PTI government, it is only that the PTI was like a person sitting in the driving seat who was trying to drive a

Passing of mother

The mother of our dear friend Sahibzada Zia Nasir, who lives in UK passed away recently. While informing me, he said, “the door of our prayers has been closed. My mother has reached to Allah.” This message of his is

Educational bias

Maulana Muhammad Alam, may Allah have mercy on him, was born in 1935. By the time he reached the age of twelve, British rule was ending in the region and there was a fervor of imperialism everywhere. It is as

Realization over time

Every country has a social disposition and collective memory. While some tribes are peace-loving by nature, others are belligerent. Some are very generous, while others are quite frugal. The tribes’ memories are also distinct from one another. While some ethnic

Decline of Europe

The long grip of Western hegemony on the world is rapidly loosening. One of two factors plays a decisive role in the collapse of any major political system. One is that the system will be hit by a major economic