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Ship stranded at sea view moved to Karachi port

Officials say the evacuation operation was halted due to technical glitches. (Photo: Geo TV)

The ship, which was stranded on the shores of Karachi, was taken to Karachi port while the investigation on the ship has not been completed yet.

According to details, the ship Hang Tong, which was stranded on the sea view of Karachi, was delivered to Karachi port today after 48 days. On the night between July 20 and 21, decades of Captain Omar’s help were heard. 

Control Tower officials heard an appeal for help from the Hang Tong captain, but a ship stranded on the shore today was anchored at the terminal in the morning. The Ministry of Maritime Affairs has not yet completed its investigation into the ship.

Attempts to rescue the ship stranded on the shore yesterday were successful after a month and a half and the ship was taken to the deep sea, after which efforts were launched to bring the ship to Karachi port.

The crew of Gadani Shipbreaking Company played a pivotal role in the rescue operation of Hang Tong, which was stranded in the sand on July 20 and 21.

It is to be noted that the earlier operation to evacuate the ship was partially successful but the ship turned to the shore again and got stuck in the sand again. The evacuation crane also sank in the sand.

Considering the mood of the sea, the crane was brought close to the ship which could not withstand the waves. The joints and ropes tied to balance were also broken by the pressure of the wind. However, the operation to evacuate the ship yesterday was successful.