Sexual harassment should be treated with seriousness: Omair Rana

LAHORE: Actor Omair Rana, who has been accused of misconduct, has expressed that sexual misconduct is a heinous crime and should be treated with the seriousness that it deserves.
The Pyar ke Sadqay actor took to Twitter and termed ‘sexual harassment a heinous crime’. “At the same time, the dignity and respect of individuals must not be falsely tainted,” he wrote.

According to Rana, the law provides remedies for all. “I intend to take all steps necessary for the vindication of my constitutional and human rights and to protect myself,” he maintained.
“For those who publish and fail to remove libelous material against me with an unconditional apology to me I will be approaching FIA under the prevention of electronic crimes act,” he asserted.
Omair Rana has been recently accused of sexual harassment by students of an elite private school in Lahore. Stories of allegations against him circulated on social media platforms.

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According to the anonymous source, complaints were made against Rana with the organization, however, they were brushed off. Actor’s wife Maira Omair, who holds an administrative role at LGS 1A1, is being accused of ignoring complaints of harassment by minor students.
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