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Scientists find new reason behind Antarctica’s melting ice

An international team of scientists has found a new reason for the melting of the ice in the world’s coldest continent, Antarctica, which is related to the main glacier on the continent that affects the temperature around the world.

According to the details, the global team of researchers discovered that adjacent glaciers play an important role in destabilizing other glaciers downstream. Britain’s University of East Anglia led the study.

Research studies have identified that the amount of glacial water flowing under the Thwaites Ice Shelf glacier is affected by a small tidal cascade in front of it, which allows relatively warm water to reach areas below the glacier.  

As access is gained, the ice begins to melt. Scientists believe that the Thwaites Ice Shelf is one of the largest ice shelves in West Antarctica that suppresses the eastern side of the Thwaites Ice Shelf glacier. This glacier has been melting rapidly for the past 20 years.

Due to the melting of glaciers, the level of seas around the world is rising. The researchers say that between January 2020 and March 2021, the upper surface of the lower layer of the Thrace Ice Shelf warmed enough that most of it went under the waters.

Melting ice water mixes with salt water. When the ocean melts the bases of the ice sheets, it creates a significant layer of water that is warmer than the surrounding waters. Relatively fresh and warm water causes further melting of the base of the Thwaites Ice Shelf.

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