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Requirements have changed for success in showbiz: Ayaz Khan

M.M News caught up with the Bulbulay star for a quick chat.

Pakistan’s film industry may not be as old or experienced as Hollywood or Bollywood but it has a 74-year legacy and has produced some talented artists.

One such person is Ayaz Khan who made a mark with his dashing good looks and ability to perform any kind of character. M.M News caught up with the Bulbulay star for a quick chat.

MM News: How the deadly coronavirus has affected people’s livelihood?

Ayaz Khan: Whether you were stressed about your financial situation or health, the coronavirus pandemic has likely caused some upheaval in your life. The pandemic has impacted our mental health, which is undeniable.

MM News: Any of your dialogues in Bulbulay you also like very much?

Ayaz Khan: Honestly, I was cast for a single episode in Bulbulay, but the producers loved the character ‘Sher Khan’ and now people often call me with my on-screen name instead of Ayaz Khan. And my favourite dialogue was the one in Pashto language.  

MM News: A formula for rapid success in showbiz industry?

Ayaz Khan: In today’s world the showbiz industry has changed a lot and the requirements have changed, the formula for rapid success in the industry cannot be explained in words.

MM News: What’s the difference between present and past’s showbiz?

Ayaz Khan: In our time everything used to be in a systematic way. If someone wants to succeed in the showbiz industry, you had to follow the procedure. But now, just I earlier said, everything has changed. Today everyone lives in a cycle of shortcuts.

MM News: What is the reason for exaggerating divorce in dramas?

Ayaz Khan: Our dramas were once seen and liked all over the world and even today the quality of our dramas is amazing. But sometimes it seems that the script includes events like deliberate divorce which are not part of our culture but are part of society anyway.

MM News: Any interest in politics and your favorite politician?

Ayaz Khan: I have no interest in politics. There is a lot of lies and hypocrisy in our country’s politics. I don’t want fans who love me so much to use the same language for me tomorrow as they do for politicians.

MM News: Which comedian artist are you most impressed with?

Ayaz Khan: Moin Akhtar impressed me a lot in acting. He came, he saw and he conquered. In the past, I used to take autographs from him and then there came a time when I worked with Moin Akhtar, Anwar Maqsood, Umar Sharif and other legendary artists.

MM News: Your opinion about Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar?

Ayaz Khan: I have seen Khalil-ur-Rehman’s dramas and also read his poetry. He did not control his emotions in a TV show which sparked controversy but he is a good writer.

MM News: How did you strike a balance between religion and showbiz?

Ayaz Khan: I definitely have a connection with the showbiz industry but that doesn’t mean I don’t follow religion. I have also been involved in teaching and preaching while showbiz is my profession and it is not difficult to balance the two.

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