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Rendezvous with famous TikToker Rabeeca Khan

The importance of social media nowadays cannot be denied, but who is not aware of the popularity of TikTok and YouTube? Millions of users worldwide use these apps.

In Pakistan too, young people are entertaining millions of viewers through these social media platforms.

One such name is Rabeeca Khan, who achieved great success on social media at a very young age and today she has millions of fans on social media. MM News arranged a special meeting with Rabeeca Khan.

MM News: Who named you and why do people find it difficult to pronounce?

Rabeeca Khan: My name was given by my father and my name is a bit unique so people have a hard time pronouncing it and only my father knows the meaning of my name.

MM News: At what age did you start using TikTok? What is the reason behind your success?

Rabeeca Khan: I created an account when I was about 14 years old and from the beginning, I tried to present the best content to people and people liked my facial expressions, manner of speaking, and the number of my fans reached millions.

MM News: If you are also singing, how did you come up with the idea of singing?

Rabeeca Khan: I have loved singing since I was a child. I used to sing to my father from the beginning and I was inspired by the support of the family more recently, I have sung a song.

MM News: Who are you closest to in the family?

Rabeeca Khan: My father is my role model and I am the closest to him in the family.

MM News: What do you intend to do besides TikTok and music?

Rabeeca Khan: I am working on many things at the moment and hosting these days but I personally like singing the most.

MM News: How do you find time for education, TikTok, and other activities?

Rabeeca Khan: Education is the most important thing but there is also time for other things. With the help of my family, I can do all the work better.

MM News: Any intention of getting married? 

Rabeeca Khan: Now I have to study and have a lot to do, then I will think of marriage. As far as relationships are concerned, this can be known to the family.

MM News: What qualities should a spouse have?

Rabeeca Khan: In my opinion, instead of the appearance of the spouse, the heart should be good, helpful, and caring.

MM News: How do you respond to negative comments on social media?

Rabeeca Khan: In the beginning, it was very painful to have negative comments but over time I learned to ignore negative attitudes and now I do not pay any attention to negative comments.

MM News: Who is your favorite TikToker and who is your competition?

Rabeeca Khan: I like Jannat Mirza and many TikTokers very much. I have a very good friendship with Jannat Mirza but I have no competition with anyone, my competition is with myself.

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