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Reema’s husband explains reason behind Umer Sharif’s death

Reema’s husband Syed Tariq is a doctor by profession who is set to treat Umer Sharif (FILE)

Umer Sharif the legendary comedian is died in Germany after fighting major health issues. The death of legendary comedian Umer Sharif has left his millions of fans and Pakistani celebrities heartbroken after his family confirmed his demise yesterday.

The showbiz icons have expressed their deep sorrow and grief at Umer Sharif’s demise. Reema Khan recently posted a video on her official Instagram account in which her husband, Dr. Tariq Shahab, explained the reason for Umer Sharif’s death.

“I’m very sad that Umer Sharif is no longer with us. Despite all the efforts, he could not reach America for his treatment. Before his death, German doctors said that he was recovering and would probably leave for Washington in a day or two but after dialysis, his condition worsened and his heart stopped working”.


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“The doctors tried their best but they couldn’t save him. May Allah grants him the highest ranks in Jannah”, says Dr. Tariq. Reema further added that “I’m still in a shock because the night before his death we were preparing for his arrival and the next morning when we woke up we found out that Umer Sharif is no longer with us.”