Indian Muslims

Prime Minister Imran Khan has rightfully expressed concerns that the recent carnage in the Indian capital and the state-sponsored terrorism will lead to the radicalisation of Indian Muslims just like Kashmiris.
India has subjected innocent Kashmiris to brutal atrocities and injustices. This lead to resistance and a Kashmiri youth ploughed an explosive-laden vehicle targeting Indian troops in Pulwama last year. The Indian government pointed fingers but didn’t realise it was actually responsible and continue to suppress them. Now the situation has reached other cities and its atrocities are even more exposed.
New Delhi is reeling from some of the worst violence in decades. Dozens of people have been killed and at least 200 have been injured in the unrest that targeted Muslim-populated areas. There have been street battles and immense destruction of property while even a mosque was vandalized and set ablaze.
Many recounted the scenes of horror as they were tortured and fled for their lives. It is reported that mobs attacked neighbourhoods demanding people to reveal their religion subjecting them to humiliating treatment.
PM Imran Khan has warned that these RSS gangs and will lead to the radicalisation of Indian Muslims. India is home to 200 million Muslims who have remained peaceful. There is no Indian Muslim known to have joined a terrorist outfit but the policies of the fascist government might create a bigger challenge.
The prime minister has compared the supremacist agenda of Modi with Nazi pogrom of Jews in the 1930s which eventually led to the Holocaust while the majors appeased Hitler. Today the global community is oblivious of the happenings in India despite the red flags and are appeasing Modi. The scenes of Muslim families fleeing their homes in Delhi are reminiscent of Jews being pushed into concentration camps.
The Delhi carnage is being compared to the Kristallnacht, also called the November Pogrom in 1938, during which Jewish homes, stores, and synagogues were smashed while Nazi authorities looked on without intervening. Similarly in Delhi, local police have been in denial as Hindu mobs went on a rampage and destruction. Modi faced no accountability for the Gujrat riots and now this is being repeated in Delhi.
The international community must intervene or there will be disastrous consequences for the region and even the world. India is heading straight towards genocide. The radicalisation of Indian Muslims will lead to further chaos and home-bred extremism. The Indian government in their attempt to implement its Hindutva ideology is causing the destruction of their country.
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