Priyanka Chopra reveals struggle accepting her own skin tone

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has recently opened about her struggle to accepting her own skin tone.

During an interview with international media, the Sky Is Pink star revealed how the normalized culture of skin-whitening products in South Asian societies also made her feel insecure in her own skin. “[Skin lightening] was so normalized in South Asia; it’s such a large industry that everyone was doing it. In fact, doing it is still a check [mark] when you are a female actor, but it’s awful,” she maintained.

She went on to reveal how she hated the word ‘dusky’ getting attached to her. “It was awful for me as a little girl who would put talcum-powder cream on her face because she believed that dark skin was not pretty.”

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Colorism is a worldwide problem that propagates the European beauty standard of light skin, enslaving people of color to an impossible dream of becoming “white”.  In 2017, the actress had once again revealed, “Everyone in America wants to get a tan, and everyone in Asia wants to get their skin lightened. I straddle both countries. Girls, there are told that they’re too dark or dusky and that lighter skin is better. Because I’m a darker tone, I had issues growing up as a teenager.”

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