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Prime Minister urges youth to join Corona Tiger Force

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday urged youth to join ‘Corona Tiger Force’ to fight against the coronvirus outbreak.
On a social media website twitter, PM said that he wants the youth to play their role in helping fight against the Covid-19 by joining Corona Tiger Force. He also shared a link where people can register themselves for the force.
“I want our youth to play their role in helping our fight against the COVID 19 by joining our Corona Tiger Force which will be organised to do jihad against the suffering caused by this pandemic,” he said.

Earlier, Prime Minister has urged citizens to donate towards the ‘COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund-2020’ that has recently been set up.

In a tweet, the prime minister appealed that he wanted everyone to donate money to the fund as it would help the government in combating the deadly coronavirus pandemic, that has been spreading across the country.


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