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Prices of 36 essential goods have risen in recent weeks due to inflation


KARACHI: Inflation in the country has skyrocketed after the rise in prices of petroleum products again.

The prices of 36 essential commodities rose in one week across the country. In a week, the price of ghee has gone up by Rs 26.12 per kg and the price of live chicken by Rs 33 per kg.

The price of gram lentils was increased by Rs 10 and lentils by Rs 9.39 per kg. During this period, prices of only 6 items declined. After a significant reduction in the price of flour, the price of a 20 kg bag was reduced by Rs. 26, 85 paise.

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The price of sugar has come down by 2 paise per kg. LPG domestic cylinders became cheaper by Rs 32.25. It may be recalled that recently the price of petrol was increased by Rs 24.3, after which the price of petrol has gone up to Rs 233.89 per liter.

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