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Politics of conflict

After the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, there is an uproar in the politics of the country. Both the government and the opposition are pitted against each other and the politics of confrontation has begun in the country.

On Friday, PTI workers stormed Sindh House in Islamabad and broke through the gate, entered and protested against the dissident members of the assembly, and chanted slogans. Two members of the National Assembly, including Justice Fahim Khan and Ataullah Niazi, were arrested and 12 others were released on personal bail.

The presence of dissident members was declared due to the attack on Sindh House, which had been in the news for the last several days as the government had claimed that the opposition has allegedly kidnapped PTI members of the National Assembly and kept them in Sindh House.  

However, even before this, dissident members of the PTI came to the fore and voluntarily announced to vote against the government. After the opposition of the government by the PTI members, a very provocative atmosphere was witnessed, and sadly, in addition to the federal ministers, PTI members of the assembly, the advisers, and aides of the prime minister also used very offensive language on TV.

PTI workers stormed parliament and PTV buildings after provocative statements by leaders during PTI sit-ins. Although the party leaders have been acquitted in the Parliament attack case this incident has become a part of history and now the attack on Sindh House has made history as well.

This incident cannot be ignored under any circumstances as Sindh House is a national property. It is not appropriate to link it to any particular party and provoking small provinces after this incident will only increase hatred which will weaken the federation.

Both the government and the opposition have the right to line up to take the no-confidence motion as a success or a failure, and as far as deviation from oath is concerned, there is a law for it. In Pakistan, however, the battles of the failure of the majority and the success of the minority have already been fought.

PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat has said that this is the first no-confidence motion in which no one is buying or selling votes, this is just propaganda. Both the government and the opposition will postpone the meeting, regretting that someone has died or been killed while the attitude of the federal ministers towards the incident is deplorable.

Neither the government nor the opposition should go to the extent of paving the way for confrontation. It is the responsibility of the government to bring the perpetrators of the attack on Sindh House to justice and to reduce the level of tension in the country, as provocation will create fear of violence and violence will also create fear of terrorism which will benefit enemy elements. They can do great harm to the country which Pakistan cannot afford.

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