PM orders to expedite work on low-cost housing projects

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan declared 2020 as the year of employment and jobs, saying that the government finalised plans to provide greater relief to the people of Pakistan.
Addressing an event for providing interest-free loans under Low-Cost Housing Scheme, the prime minister regretted the system in Pakistan always supported the elite class, leaving the poor behind to suffer, and that it was the government’s responsibility to uplift them.
The prime minister said that the federal government launched many projects for the uplift of needy people besides launching three mega housing projects that will also generate job opportunities for them. He congratulated the housing minister for providing opportunities to deserving segments of the country to construct their own houses.
PM Imran Khan said that the government has decided to build houses for those who cannot afford it through this housing scheme. He further said that salaried persons will get relief for constructing their own houses under the housing schemes launched by the federal government.
“People should have faith in welfare institutions and their confidence is the secret to their success. Your donations to welfare institutions are an investment for the hereafter. On the other hand, welfare institutions will never face a shortage of funds if they win the trust of the people,” said the prime minister
He said a developed society always supported its weak segments and moving towards the construction of low-cost houses by welfare institutions is a major step. He said the Ehsaas Programme is based solely for the benefit of the poor, while the government has distributed five million heath cards in Punjab and KP and will give to uplift the poor nationwide.
The prime minister decried Pakistan is the only country in South Asia country where banks give the lowest amount of mortgage due to lack of foreclosure laws. India’s average is at 10 percent, Malaysia stands at 30 percent, Europe and UK are at 80 percent while we stand at a mere 0.2 percent, he said.
“The housing finance is not given due to lack of foreclosure laws. We are working on it and hopefully, it will be implemented and then the salaried people will be able to build their own houses. We will give them a standard structure as well so that they will not have to spend money on housing,” he added.
The prime minister gave an example of Shaukat Khanum Hospital constructed with the cost of over Rs700 million by the donations and support of the people.
“It is the government’s responsibility to provide education, health, shelter and employment to the nationals. The state of Madinah was not rich, but it collected Zakat from the rich people for the welfare of poor people.” he said, adding that the government will spend more on housing, education and health after increasing its earnings
PM Khan ordered authorities to expedite work on low-cost housing projects. He announced that 2020 will be the year of employment and jobs for Pakistanis. He also distributed interest-free loan cheques during the event.
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