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Pavilion End Club urges to save jobs and recreation

Pavilion End Club is located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal neigbourhood of Karachi. Source: Samaa

KARACHI: The management of Pavilion End Club released an official statement regarding the orders of demolition by the Supreme Court.

The statement said the Supreme Court passed an order to demolish Aladin Shopping Mall and Pavilion End Club in a case hearing which was not even related to A.A Joyland’s amenities.

“Furthermore, the Right of Hearing which is a basic right for any wrongfully accused was denied right away. We were silenced on all platforms,” it said.

It said they are responsible for providing hundreds and thousands of jobs to the locals. “Aladin Amusement Park provides cheap and quality entertainment to the public. Pavilion End Club offers extraordinary sports and health facilities for the public in nominal price and such facilities are only exclusive to the rich and privileged in the society.”

According to Pavilion End Club management, they offers physical and mental welfare to the public. Pavilion End Club charges Rs. 8000 per family of 6-7 persons, which any middle-class family can afford. There are 16,000 families that avail these facilities.

Moreover, Pavilion End Club employs 600 people who have their livelihood based on it from managers to gardeners and security guards.

 “Did this decision consider the livelihood of these poor people who would be severely affected by it”, reads the statement.

“The government wants to increase tourism and recreation in Pakistan. Is this the way to increase tourism and recreation? By destroying such quality recreation facilities in Pakistan? This will just drive away investors and stakeholders and will put Pakistan in a blacklist.”

The Pavilion End Club management has requested the public to speak in favour of development and economy, which can save jobs and recreation.

A day ago, hundreds of members of the club and more than 1,200 staff members staged a protest outside the Pavilion end Club against the Supreme Court’s order.

The administration used batons to disperse the protesters while several were injured by the baton charge.