Pakistan tops list of Umrah pilgrims from all countries

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah issued a report placing Pakistan on top of the list from all countries’ citizens who visited Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah pilgrimage since 13 August 2019.
According to a report issued by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, as many as 2,031,751 Umrah visas were issued since the corresponding period and a total of 1,566,754 pilgrims visited the country to perform Umrah.
The report statistics further stated over 4, 00,000 Pakistani citizens performed Umrah during the phase. as many as 411,140 pilgrims have come from Pakistan which tops all the countries in the number of Umrah pilgrims.
Among other countries 368,193 pilgrims from Indonesia, 221,956 from India, 97,709 from Malaysia, 65,083 from Turkey, 53,962 from Egypt, 47,962 from Bangladesh, 45,950 from Algeria, 29,544 from the United Arab Emirates and 23,926 from Jordan.
Pakistan’s Religious Affairs Ministry Spokesman Imran Siddiqui said one of the reasons behind the growing number of pilgrims from Pakistan is the escalation of two-sided relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
The ministry has also introduced a new service intended at covering the Umrah pilgrims coming from outside with indemnity against emergency situations. The program has been started as Kingdom’s 2030 vision aimed at providing brilliant services to the Umrah pilgrims.
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