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Money can’t buy everything

Nadeem Moulvi

The writer is a business analyst.

During our lifecycle from birth to death, people often complain about problems and work less to eradicate them. We are in a rat race of life to earn money, gain power and authority. In the meantime, we have forgotten to teach our children about love and compassion because we think money can buy everything.
Even in places of worship, the person who donates the most is considered to be the most pious and righteous. Religious leaders are often seen frequenting the house of politicians and rich people. The same goes for doctors who are supposed to be saviours of humanity and work selflessly, but the first thing a doctor here does is to rip apart a patient to make a quick buck.
Similarly, when the doctor faces a legal problem, he approaches a lawyer who then exploits him by charge a hefty amount to resolve his legal issues. This has created a vicious cycle and life keeps on moving forward, creating a world where we blame others for our problems but continue to exploit them. In this way, our problems keep on rising with no solution in sight.
We need to understand the root cause of the problems. The problem start since childhood. Our educational system has not been developed to teach equality; instead, we have created differences among children from an early age. There is immense polarization in our society. The rich send their children to elite private institutes while the middle class sends them to public schools. This creates differences in society and sows the seed of hatred.
Parents earn money their entire lives so their children could get admission in the best schools and universities. This creates a superiority complex as their children think money can buy everything. The rich man’s child spends money lavishly on his friends, gets expensive private tuition, and secures admission into the best universities.
These children face no hurdles in college as their parent’s money keeps flowing. The child who works hard has to face tough competition to get into university. The rich man child’s who from school age to university is shown that money can buy everything will not learn humanity, equality, or peace. His main aim would be earning money throughout life.
If we do not improve the system in our private schools and universities, we cannot bring any positive change in society. We will continue to create a society where those who have the money will think they can buy everything and remain indifferent to the plight of lower classes.
To bring a change in society, we need to invest in our children. We need to teach them love, respect, compassion and provide an education that shows equality and justice in all stages of life.
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