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Lessons from Surah Luqman

Surah Luqman is the 31st Surah of the Holy Quran and contains 34 ayaat. Allah (SWT) revealed this surah to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the middle of his Meccan period. This surah takes its name from the wise

Life lessons from Holy Prophet (PBUH)

We all have struggles and it isn’t surprising that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also had struggles in his life.  If we examine the struggles of the Prophet (SAW), there are some lessons we can learn when dealing with our

In Pictures: A glance at Imran Khan’s life and achievements

Imran Khan was born to an affluent family on 5th October 1952 in Lahore. Before entering politics, he became a national hero by leading Pakistan’s national cricket team to World Cup victory in 1992. He was educated at elite schools

Of falls and standing tall

Apart from being extremely tall and having good eyesight, a giraffe is considered an intelligent animal. We can learn many lessons from the life of a giraffe. The female giraffe, or cow, is pregnant for about 15 months. Most newborn

Money can’t buy everything

During our lifecycle from birth to death, people often complain about problems and work less to eradicate them. We are in a rat race of life to earn money, gain power and authority. In the meantime, we have forgotten to

Remembering Manto – bitter, obscene but brilliant

Today marks the 108th birthday anniversary of renowned author, journalist, playwright, and screenwriter Saadat Hasan Manto, widely regarded as one the finest Urdu writers of the 20th Century. Manto published 22 collections of short stories throughout his prolific career. he