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Meet Sarah Gill, Pakistan’s first transgender doctor

Meet Sarah Gill, Pakistan’s first transgender doctor who at the age of 23 managed to pass the final examination of MBBS.

Sarah Gill said that her journey of becoming a doctor was not easy. She used to perform at functions and attend NGOs for seven to eight months until she collects money for tuition, it was a difficult task for her.

“Now, whenever I look back at my struggling days it feels worth it. People respect me for who I am and it’s worth the struggle,” Gill shared. While talking about her initial struggling days, Gill said that when her parents abandoned her she was not only young, homeless person with no penny. “There was no one to support me and stand beside me,” Gill added.

Sarah Gill said that being transgender was not easy in Pakistan but this did not stop her from becoming who she is today. “People used to criticise me for who I am. They never believed that a transgender can become a doctor. They believe that people like us are meant for dancing only,” Sarah said.

Sarah shared that it was her mother who would always motivate her. “She made sure that I continue my studies,” said Sarah. “At the time, I took admission in medical college, it was difficult for both me and the students I was studying with because, at that time, they were not well aware of it much,” she asserted.

Sarah went on to say that the university she attended was quite supportive of her. “I did pay my fee on my own but the moral support my classmates, HODs, and professors gave me is the most precious motivation one can get,” Sarah said.

“They never let me feel that I am different I am a transgender,” Sarah said. “It took many years for Pakistan to get its first transgender doctor but won’t be the last one,” added Dr. Sarah Gill. 

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