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KMC fails to enforce safety measures against coronavirus

KARACHI: The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has not made any efforts to enforce safety standards to check the entrance of coronavirus patients at the municipality.

This comes days after a COVID-19 positive employee deliberately entered the building and hugged a senior member of the administration as revenge for refusing to pay his salary. This incident created panic and many officials ran away but the authorities have yet to enforce requisite safety precautions.

KMC authorities are playing with the lives and health of officers and employees due to their negligence. The security guards have not even been provided a thermal thermometre to check the temperatures of visitors while many enter the building without wearing masks or any safety precautions.

The KMC head office on the busy M.A. Jinnah Road is open for employees and visitors from 8AM to 10PM.  Thousands of people continue to visit the office every day from 9AM to 7PM while there is neither a metal detector nor vehicle inspection, while the security guards on the main gate are exposed throughout the day without any safety kit.

The KMC building also faces the risk of terrorism due to inadequate safety measures. A security guard told MM News said their lives are at risk while performing their duties.  We neither have any protection against terrorists nor the coronavirus, he said.

The security guard appealed to KMC authorities and Sindh government that they should be provided a safety kit, gloves and thermal thermometre to check temperatures so they can protect themselves and other KMC officers and employees.