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Kashmir issue pushed to back burner under COVID: President Alvi

President Alvi
ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi on Tuesday said efforts are being made to push Occupied Kashmir issue on to the back burner under the COVID-19 crisis.
In a statement on Twitter, the president said these efforts are in a way similar to the setback suffered by genuine freedom movements like Palestine and Kashmir after 9/11.
“Under the Covid-19 crisis efforts are being made to push the Occupied Jammu & Kashmir issue on to the back burner, in a way similar to the set-back suffered by genuine freedom movements like Palestine & Kashmir after 9/11.” he stated.
He further said the denial of communication to ordinary Kashmiris hides all their issues from the world, and their misery will continue during the COVID-19 crisis. He said that debt relief for the developing countries will be essential to ensure that humanity prevails.

Yesterday, President Alvi represented Pakistan at the online summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) convened by the chair Azerbaijan on the theme of ‘United against COVID-19’.
Speaking at the virtual summit, the president gave Pakistan’s perspective on measures taken at national level to mitigate and respond to COVID-19 and the socio-economic challenges arising from the pandemic. The president urged the world to convert the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity and stop politicisation and pursuit of narrow agendas.
President Alvi said the Indian move to alter the demographic structure of occupied Jammu and Kashmir is in complete violation of international law and relevant UNSC resolutions. He added the situation in Indian occupied Kashmir has aggravated in the wake of pandemic while Kashmiris are being denied access to medical supplies and high-speed internet.
He said Pakistan’s national response includes the targeted approach of containment, strengthening health system and financial support to the vulnerable individuals and small businesses. He underscored the importance of a holistic response to COVID-19 with broader dimensions along with addressing the health system challenges.
President Alvi stated the crisis triggered by the pandemic is also a stark reminder that no country can overcome such threats alone, and a global challenge requires a global response.
The president reiterated Prime Minister Imran Khan’s call to the international community for a ‘Global Initiative on Debt Relief’. He underscored that the efforts must be focused toward the most vulnerable countries in the world for relief and revival of economies and livelihoods.
President Alvi also rejected deplorable attempts to discriminate against and demonize Muslims in the context of COVID-19. He highlighted the plight of Kashmiris who continue to suffer under Indian occupation against all norms of international law and the unfettered access to medical and other essential supplies.
The president expressed concerns that incarceration of Kashmiri leaders and youth also made them vulnerable to the pandemic. As an active member, he said Pakistan will remain engaged with NAM’s initiative of strengthening international cooperation.
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