Karachi administrator urged to act against KMC factions

KARACHI: Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) officers have urged new administrator Iftikhar Shallwani to take action against factions within the municipality showing loyalty with former Mayor Waseem Akhtar.

The former mayor had violated court orders and hired officers who were facing investigations or were involved in corruption practices, leading to the formation of factions within the KMC.

Sources revealed that senior KMC officers have decided to hold a meeting with Karachi Administrator Shalwani to express their reservations and request him to take action against the appointed officers.

The officers have demanded that appointment orders issued by the former mayor in July and August should be revoked. They will also apprise the administrator about the situation of the municipality.

Sources also revealed that the administrator will be urged to take action against senior Director Human Resources Manager Jameel Farooqui, and not be swayed by the former mayor and deputy mayor’s team.

An inquiry has been prepared against the engineering, finance, land and katchi abadi departments of the KMC. Investigations are underway against the foreign tours, assets and purchare of vehicles by the former mayor and deputy mayor.

It has been revealed that those who appointment orders are expected to be revoked include former mayor coordinater Rehan Hashmi, Jameel Farooqui, Imran Rajput, Kanwar Ayub, Aftab Qaimkhani, Farid Tajik, Shariq Ilyas, Khursheed Shah and others who were appointed illegally in violation of court orders.

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