Ishaq Dar fiasco

Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar is a troubled man after he was left embarrassed in the BBC interview. Just a day later, NAB announced to initiate a new case against him relating to money laundering and possessing assets beyond means of income.

Ishaq Dar left abroad three years back when he was still the finance minister and never returned. He faces a barrage of cases against him and has been declared an absconder while one of his properties in Lahore has been seized. He is accused of massive corruption and it was estimated that his personal assets grew manifold in the past two decades. For the past three years, not much was known about him except for brief appearances alongside PML-N leaders until he appeared in the interview.

Dar was certainly unprepared for the interview and could not remember his personal properties in Pakistan. It is certain that he left the country to avoid corruption proceedings but claims that NAB is killing people and the state of human rights in the country should be examined. What made Dar go for the interview knowing that the host is renowned for grilling guests remains unknown. PML-N leaders have distanced themselves and claimed it was his personal decision.

There are five members of the Sharif family who have been declared absconders and are in London. This includes Nawaz Sharif himself who is convicted and a proclaimed offender. Yet he continues to live a comfy life in UK and is leading a movement for Imran Khan’s ouster. This was exactly what Dar was asked if the PDM was creating political instability by overthrowing a democratically elected government but he was unable to answer.

Meanwhile, the PDM has been pushing with their movement back home despite the surging coronavirus pandemic and continues to draw huge crowds. The alliance had a massive gathering in Multan which witnessed chaos and clashes. Now it is set to host possibly an even greater rally in Lahore on December 13. What next for the PDM and how this will culminate is unknown? It is also unsure if they will hold the decisive march towards Islamabad.

What is known is that the accountability process will continue as several PML-N and PPP leaders have indicted. Others like Nawaz Sharif will continue to call the shots from the sidelines but are unlikely to pose any real threat to Imran Khan’s government.