Indus Hospital sets up stalls where sick children shop for free

KARACHI: Eid-ul-Fitr is a unique festival because it doesn’t celebrate any historical or worldly event. It is of a purely spiritual significance, a celebration of having completed a month of fasting and obeying Allah.

Indus Hospital does not need any introduction due to its medical services, which they provide free of cost. The most interesting thing is that every year on the occasion of Eid, the hospital distributes lots of gifts to sick children as a gesture of support.

This year too, Indus Hospital established an Eid bazaar, named ‘Khusiyon Ka Bazaar’, for sick children who have been forced to live away from their own families due to various diseases. The children can shop for several items including clothes, bangles, toys, henna, and trinkets for free.

Taking to M.M News in this regard, Madiha Mustafa, Child Life Counselor of Indus Hospital, said, “Every year, we distribute gifts between sick children but this year we decided to establish a stall where they can shop whatever they want for free.”

She said, “Usually, sick or hospitalized children are often deprived of shopping on the occasion of Eid and some parents are unable to get new clothes for their children due to financial problems. That’s the main reason behind setting up stalls for such children.”

“We have arranged items for over one thousand children, there are bangles, jewelry and other items for girls and watches, glasses and other items for boys,” she said, adding, “We should remember the poor and needy people and also share the joys of Eid with the deserving.”