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Indian protests on citizenship law

The Modi government has been polarising the Indian nation even further after the introduction of the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Bill. There have been massive protests and violence in many Indian cities over the anti-Muslim legislation.
Fresh protests rocked several Indian cities including New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata where hundreds of students are protesting over the bill. Things turned ugly as police used force inside two university campuses to break up protests, assaulting students and staff, leaving over fifty injured.
Many students at the renowned Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University – both founded by Muslims – have been protesting since the new law was passed last week. Many attempted to march towards the Indian parliament before clashes erupted after police tried to disperse them. 
The police violence at public universities poses a serious impediment to the right of peaceful protest. At least six people have died so far in the protests that erupted in the northeastern states of Orissa and Assam. India authorities have resorted to usual tactics by suspending communication and internet services to quell protests.
Many countries including USA, UK, Canada, France, UAE, and Saudi Arabia have issued travel advisories warning their citizens from travelling to India. The Japanese prime minister also called off an official visit as protests intensified. The UN human rights office has expressed concerns that the law was discriminatory in nature, while UN Secretary-General is analysing the possible consequences of the amendment.
The bill is already beginning to show far-reaching repercussions as it re-opens old wounds. Many northeast Indian states already suffer from insurgency movements and tensions between armed tribal groups. Years of agitation have passed by and now they feel doubly betrayed by the BJP government. The people refuse to stay silent any longer.
The fascist Modi government has been caught off guard by the scale of the protests considering that the law only marginalises Muslims. The protests are getting international attention and spreading to other parts of the country which could pressure the BJP regime. Modi’s ‘Hindus only’ India dream might just be shattered by the youth who seek the continuance of a secular India. 
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