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Increasing inflation and crimes

Today, inflation across the country has reached an all-time high. The value of the dollar has crossed Rs 215 and further horrible predictions are being made that the dollar will go above Rs 300. Everything from gold bricks to wood is becoming more expensive with every passing day.

When it comes to buying vegetables, you are offered rates per ‘paoo’ instead of the kilo, because the purchasing power of the people is getting lesser with the passage of time. The rich class of the country has become the middle class and the middle class has turned poor in the country. 

The most dangerous thing is that the poorest section of our society today is in dire need of money and is forced to make a living by borrowing. However, both borrowers and lenders know that this process is not going to last long.

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: It is possible that poor conditions may lead you towards ‘kuffur’. The words said by Prophet (PBUH) 1400 years ago, provide an accurate analysis of today’s situation where the poor are being forced to commit thefts and robberies due to rising inflation.

Ask any sociologist why theft, robbery, street crime, looting and murder increase in society. Are these evils written in human nature?

The answer will be that the increasing exploitation of the poor in the society, the richer classes getting richer and the poor getting poorer is the real reason for the rising rate of social evils and crimes.

No one is born with a weapon or a golden spoon from a mother’s womb but it is the parents, friends, surroundings and society that compels one to do different things.

Today, inflation in Pakistan has reached such a level that even a morsel of bread has been snatched from the mouth of the poor. In such a situation, if a person is seen extending his hand, people do not even have money to help.

Forget about those who can’t help but those who can, they also seem to be stingy in the name of saving and this also leads to increasing crime.

The future can be extremely cruel and painful because governments have always claimed to reduce inflation but no one bothered to pay attention to the plight of the poor.

On the one hand, as inflation continues to rise, capitalists do not raise the salaries of those working in their mills and factories, saying that they are losing money and in deficit.

The time has come for all the people of the society to show seriousness and responsibility in their duties and make it their motto to help the needy. Inflation may never go down, but unity can be the key to overcoming all difficulties.

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