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Who will not die for this simplicity

Shahid Shahnawaz

The writer is poet and journalist.

The king was in a very bad mood. When he returned from hunting, they found that their prey was being prepared. Behind the scenes, the puppet minister sitting on the throne was preparing to overthrow the king.

The problem was that the puppet minister had been told by someone that the king behind the scenes was not the real king but the one who was to be enthroned. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.

This was not the first time this had happened but the puppet minister and the powerful king behind the scenes both knew that this power struggle had been going on for decades and most of the scales were with the real king, not the puppet minister because he has the command of the Sipah.

The matter could have been settled, but the king’s wrath reached the seventh sky because of the smell of rebellion. Differences can happen to anyone and differences can be discussed but this dare of a puppet minister? King started the same game to teach the minister a lesson that the people of the country had been watching for years.

Surprisingly, the people of this country were ready to die for the protection of their homeland, but they deliberately ignored the factors behind the power struggle. Thus for years, the game of power between one real king after another and the puppet had been going on for a long time and there was no one to stop it.

People were being fooled by saying that there are three pillars of a whimsical empire and in some cases four pillars. A politician who was called the author of the law and who wrote the law for the country voluntarily which could be beneficial for him ie for the politicians, not for the people.

The second pillar of the empire was the system of judges which never enforced the law. It enforced the law only when it directly benefited the politicians and indirectly the judges themselves while the third pillar of the empire was the country. There were institutions that adopted a “let’s see what happens” strategy.

According to an unofficial view, the fourth pillar of the empire was the news agencies, which used to force the people to be careless by disseminating all sorts of false and true news, making them insane on trivial matters and making big heartbreaking news trivial. 

All of them were snatching the mouthpiece of the people for their own interests. They were being made unemployed. The drug dealers who poisoned their children were leaving the dead dealers free and insecure for generations to come, and most of all, their intellectual freedom, love of country and faith. 

Everybody was licking the people like termites and then the day came when the institutional procedure was adopted to remove the puppet minister which was named as a movement. The puppet minister whom the politicians had put on their heads by voting, was also removed by voting. It was said that the movement was successful and the said minister had failed and then another minister was appointed to the seat of power and he was told that now you are the king of peace, do whatever you want.

On the other hand, after the former minister lost his power, instead of blaming the real king for the direct loss of power, he said that foreign elements conspired to remove him from power and domestic politicians joined him. If I am separated from power, then I will more dangerous than before. According to Ghalib: Who will not die for this simplicity, O God?

Now, who were this deposed puppet minister, the new minister, and the real king of peace? It is up to the readers to decide. Today’s most important question is whether the deposed puppet minister has really become more dangerous than before? Will they be able to take back their power from the new minister? What do you say an opinion is formed. Time will tell.

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