India’s rising military budget

India has increased its defence budget by six percent with the aim to implement an offensive against Pakistan. It has now become the fifth largest country in terms of defence spending.  Currently, India’s defence budget has been upped to $45.45 billion. Meanwhile, the Indian economy is witnessing a drastic degradation which is bound to make Modi unpopular in the long run.
Tensions between Pakistan and India have been rising after India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi ended seven decades of autonomy in Kashmir. India’s lunacy of war and desire for supremacy in the region are no longer concealed from anyone. India is the second-largest country by population; simultaneously India has the highest number of poor people in the world. Despite this grim fact, the self-destructive desire for war with Pakistan is not letting India take ease.
India poses itself as the world’s largest democracy and a secular country  with immense pride. However, the reality is far from the rhetoric; India has occupied Kashmir for 72 years and is still violating the rights of Kashmiris. Protests are being staged throughout the world in solidarity with the people of the valley. Despite having hundreds of thousands of troops in Occupied Kashmir caging the population, India has failed to suppress Kashmir’s freedom movement.
The situation in Indian held Kashmir is a mere glimpse of Modi’s Nazi-like mindset. The politics of BJP and Narendra Modi is entirely based on war against Muslims inside and across their borders. India is hell-bent on creating conflict within Pakistan. RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav’s capture and subsequent confession of arming liberation groups in Baluchistan has exposed their violent agenda before the world. The fascist ideology of the incumbent BJP government is a threat not just to their nation itself, but also to regional peace and stability.
The world must intervene to prevent chaos in the global south. If India continues its war mongering against Pakistan, then our armed forces will be compelled to come forward for the defense of the country and their people, in which the possibility of a nuclear war cannot be ruled out completely. The result of a nuclear war will be both devastating and far reaching; the impact will not be limited to Pakistan and India alone. The whole world will hear the noise and face the wrath.
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