Illegal plazas being constructed in Islamabad’s Sector H-13

ISLAMABAD: The illegal construction of high-rise buildings continues unabated in Sector H-13, while Capital Development Authority (CDA) and police have failed to take action.

District authorities have approved several high-rise buildings without even approving the map and payment of taxes, sources revealed. There are around 15-20 illegal constructed plazas in Sector H-13.

It has also been revealed that several plazas are owned by highly influential members of the incumbent government. Therefore, local authorities and police are hesitant in taking action.

Local residents have filed a case in the Supreme Court seeking compensation for their lands. The apex court has issued directives but the CDA has failed to pay the payments.

The court also issued a stay order against the construction of illegal high-rise buildings but the activities unabated raising concerns over the working of the authorities and the government.

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